Curriculum Project Advice

Hi guys, I'm Matteo Galeone an Italian student in the second year of Statistics applied to finance by the University of Bologna.
I'm looking to find an internship in some quantitative position, so i thought to make some project for my Curriculum Vitae.

The projects I made are:
Sigfrido, Momentum_ID, Monte_Carlo_SImulation_Portfolio

Sigfrido is a program that take as a input tickers of companies and return their ROIC and FAUSTMANN RATIO plotted in a graphic (it is inspired by The Dao of Capital),
Momentum_ID take in input tickers of companies and return their momentum and information discreteness plotted in a graphic (inspired by Quantitative Momentu),
Monte_Carlo_SImulation_Portfolio take in input tickers and weight of assets and return a monte carlo simulation of a portfolio, his mean and median.

Since I'm not a programmer I probably my code sucks, how can I improve it? I don't really know what type of project would be appealing for my CV, can you give me any advice?
Thank you for your attention and disponibility.