Columbia MAFN Curriculum Vitae?


So,, there is curriculum vitae section on the application page.

I was thinking that resume might be more appropriate for MAFN program, so I emailed the school. and I was told that because curriculum vitae gives them more information about my experiences, they said submitting curriculum vitae is more advantageous for me. But, since I don't have any relevant experience, and graduating from b.s. degree this May, I feel like curriculum vitae is too much for me.

Has anyone just submitted resume instead of CV?? They said admitted students will be asked for resume, anyway. But, I just want to upload my resume only. They also told me that they will accept either one. Do you think there will be a huge advantage for submitting CV for an undergraduate student?


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All this time I thought CV was a "British" word for resume (it's Latin I assume, but of course I mean that the term is used instead of resume in the UK and other non-US countries).