Definitive List of London Quant Deadlines

Does anyone have a list of the deadlines for all the London IB Quant Programs?

I found this link but I have a strong feeling that it's for the more generalist programs...

I'm doing an MSc. in Theoretical Physics at the Higgs Centre for TP and like everyone else on the program I'm covered in chalk doing integrals about 80-90 hours a week from 7am - 10:30pm. Several of us are interested in QF but due to time constraints we are limited to how many places we can apply for in addition to PhD programs.

I think we've already missed the boat with JP Morgan Quant Research (could anyone confirm? Their link has no info... Quantitative Research Full-time Associate | JPMorgan Chase & Co.)

Edit: After spending an hour looking do London IBs even actually have obvious quant programs? None seem to have them online yet they have job adverts on LinkedIn?
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