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Do I still have a chance

Because I'm a student on Visa, I can't do any paid or unpaid internships during college. Currently, I am a freshmen at Ohio State University. However, if I do good research/publications, and work on models/projects on my own, will that make up for my lack of internships? My goal is getting into a t10 mfe and i'm majoing in cs and financial math.
If you ace the maths and programming coursework, get published into a decent journal, then I don't think a lack of internship would matter. You can try gaining a couple of years of work ex before applying as many programs value relevant work ex highly.
Who said international students cant do internships? As a point of fact, most MFE students are international and they almost all do internships, I don’t think it would be much different for undergrad.

Unless you have a very unique legal status, you can get internships as an international student. Talk to your school’s international center.