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EXCLUSIVE: Free Amazon book for Quantnet members

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Dear members,

We're pleased to announce that the second version of our popular book in the Quantnet Bible series has been pulished and available on Amazon.com and various other online retailers.
As an exclusive offer to our members, until midnight today April 1, 2007, anyone who leaves a reply here will be sent a Pdf version of the book for FREE !
Take advantage of this time-limited offer and save $14.50 off the list price. Please read the editorial review for more info.

Better Together Buy this book with Windows XP For Dummies, 2nd Edition by Andy Rathbone today!
Buy Together Today: $28.80

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Editorial Reviews
Book Description
Over the past four years, Quantnet has had an enormous impact on communication and study for MFE students. With a growing and diverse population of Quantnet users out there, the world has definitely become a smaller place. Over 450 people use the Quantnet for study assigments, social networking, admission research, chat room, and much more.

Whether you are just starting out in your online travels or even if you have been online for awhile, Mastering Quantnet For Dummies, shows you how to do everything better and faster. You’ll surf Quantnet, do research, learn how to trade stock, and much more—like a seasoned pro!
Mastering Quantnet For Dummieswill walk you through the fundamentals of Quantnet, as well as provide more advanced techniques and features to explore once you get your feet on the ground. This resourceful guide will help you:
  • Connect to the Quantnet and understand the different ways to connect, including wireless, DSL, and cable
  • Set up an Quantnet account and communicate through private message (PM)
  • Create your own photo gallery and have them featured on Quantnet page
  • Trade stocks virtually on Quantnet Trading Floor
  • Get thanked for your posts
  • Explore other communication tools such as Chat room and message boards
  • Use search engines like Google to browse and research
  • Introduce yourself and get feedback on your profile
  • Get answers for questions about math, finance, programming
In this fully updated edition, Mastering Quantnet for Dummies will help you get the most out of your Quantnet experience. Written by the Quantnet Admin Group, this book is sure to be valuable to both new users and experienced ones alike.

From the Back Cover
Here's your passport to fun and productivity online!
You can research, chat, shop, set up a Web page, or start a blog
If you've been feeling left behind while the world went online, wait no longer! With this friendly guide to translate Quantnet jargon, you'll find joining the online revolution is easy and a whole lot of fun. This fully updated edition gets you up to speed on forum, photo gallery, PMl, blogging, Google, and even maintaining an annonymous presence on Quantnet.
Discover how to
  • Establish and use a Quantnet account
  • Keep yourself annonymous
  • Post, contact , and network with your computer
  • Learn how to trade via simulated Quantnet Trading platform
  • And much more
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