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Experienced Quant In Need Of Career Advice

So i've been working over the past two and a half years as a quant on a buy-side (Asset Management) execution desk and have recently been getting quite frustrated with the work, career progression and the way quants are treated at my firm. I've been looking into moving to a more tech-focused hedge fund or prop trading shop but have really struggled to get any interviews.
A bit more background - I have 2.5 years of exp as an execution quant, 1 year as an energy quant and another year as a sell-side economist. I have both a masters and bachelors in economics, with heavy quant concentrations (econometrics & stats). The languages I use are predominantly Python and SQL - my current job is essentially quant strat on an execution desk so it's a lot of dev work and building out analytics/signals. I am also London based.
I am not quite sure what to do as I feel quite trapped right now, no quant firms want to interview me and it has made me question making the switch towards quant finance. I would ideally like to move into a role more closely aligned with the PnL generation side of things (quant trading, alpha quant research, quant dev or data science as long as they sit close to the revenue generating teams etcetc) and definitely feel I have the skills to do so. Would anyone be able to give me any advice on how to make this switch?