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Hello everyone,
I am Rheya and i did my undergrad degree in commerce from NIRMA University, Ahmadabad, India. I really like to learn different kind of statistics and mathematics concepts. Hence, i am interested in Financial Engineering. i want to know about the Columbia, Baruch, Rutgers but specifically about NYU tandon financial engineering program. I really like the curriculum as it is flexible. But i have certain doubts regarding the program and if you could clear it would be great as i am really looking forward to apply to this kind of programs.
1. I have very basic knowledge of programming that is C++, SQL and PYTHON, advanced knowledge of statistics. Although i read the prerequisites if anyone can state all the specific topics (rather than generalized like linear algebra and calculus) and concepts one need to learn in mathematics, Finance and, Programming. It will take some time to answer this question but for me it is my dream so please do help.
2. What about the job placement scenario if one specially has not to go in more programming side and wants to go in corporate and risk management side.
3. One last question does it matter to the admission team or companies( post course employment) that someone is from non-technical background but has done all the relevant courses.

Thank you everyone for providing me a platform to post my doubts.

P. Carr

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I also have an undergrad degree in commerce. I had to work to make it to Wall Street but it can be done. I have found that no one cared that my undergrad degree was a BCom. Email me at for questions about NYU Tandon FE program.