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First Android App for Quants - Feedback Required

We are currently developing a free android app (Statmetrics) for financial market analysis and quantitative research. The app supports technical-, fundamental- und quantitative analysis (univariate and multivariate statistics, hypothesis testing and statistical visualization) as well as portfolio analytics and backtesting. We would appreciate your feedback.
Who is your target market with this app? Serious and/or educated investors won't be using a phone app to do their analysis, and the rest of the population probably doesn't know what hypothesis testing is or what technical analysis should be used for.
That is the right question and has caused me headaches for a long time. A mobile app will never be able to replace the professional systems and development environments for desktop. However, it is an attempt to offer average and advanced investors the standard models and basic tools of quantitative analysts in an easy-to-use interface for a first level analysis and basic portfolio performance/risk analysis without programming knowledge.