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[French program] Which Msc for quant finance ?

Hi everyone (and particularly french people I guess)

I would like to have your advice about the Msc MASH (PSL university) and others Msc in quantitative finance well known by french students (as M2MO, MASEF, etc) because I'm interested broadly in statistics (time series , econometrics and ML) and their applications in finance. My question would be which of these 2 Msc's best fits my interests in order to pursue in research in statistical finance, especially if there are alumnis from one of these Msc among us.

Thank you a lot
I did not graduate from those masters but heard the MVA might be a better option if you're looking at statistical finance
Thank you for your comment,

Yes the trend is hot for the MVA these days but it is also the harder to have aha so I would like to have advice about Msc in the same area perhaps more accessible