From NLP research/Development to HedgeFund

Hi guys,

This is my very first online thread and wish everyone has a great 2019 so far.

I currently got an NLP researcher/engineer offer from Not FAANG, but from middle size Company(revenue 1bill/year, ~3000 employees, ~15 multi nationals, HQ in nyc)

Since English is not my mother language, i will make bullet points to convey my message clearer(apology inadvance).

My status is
1. Graduated from one of ivys(not hyp) as CS Masters and Bs. Focused in machine learning especially Nlp area.( just finished masters at 2019 may)

2. No publication, but one are under the review from Kdd.

3. Not a strong math guy, but strong to CS in Deep Learning area.(i guess need to work more)

4. 2yrs of work experience as NLP researchers in Korea

5. 1 internship from BB as quant derivative trader(got full time offer but decided not to go back since it was HK)

6. Current offer i have (listed above): base 180k, possible bonus(not sure how much), no stock
My ultimate

Based on my status and current offer, although i have few onsites left from Faang as ai reseachers but i dont want to be naive optimist.

Q1: Lets assume that i am going to this non FAANG company as nlp reseachers. Then, do you think i have a chance to make a transition to well known quant fund such as millenium, two sigma, jane street etc?
- i dont think too positively. I know many made transition from AI roles to quant researchers, but all the case i heard was $they are from FAANG AI RESEARCHER$. Given my potential comapanys brand name, i an worried that i might not even able to pass the resume screened.

Q2: if you guys think at least my companys brand name would not harm the resume screen from jane street, DE Shaw, Two sigma as quant, what do you guys think the beat way to prepare myself? Other than deep/machine learning related fields.
- since after 1-3years, i think they will consider me as experienced level quant(if they pass my resume). Then should i know the basic finance kowledges? Or do they still focus on only CS:Math materials as if they were hiring junior quants fresh out of college?
- i can think of side project related to seek for alphas, but i dont think this is realistic without any professional experiences nor finance background(?)

Q3: if you guys think my companys brand name will harm the possibility of passing resume screening process, taking second masters as Data Science would be better? (PhD is good option but want to be realistic again. And also time consuming)

Q4: i know some might blame for asking this, but i wonder what is the possible pays for quant reseachers/traders at top tier funds could make in avg(not the extreme case) as 3-6yrs experienced.

Q5: i know everyone prefer NYC or US to HK. But if we exclude the *life quality*, i think HK will pays much better due to lower tax. When i got return offer from BB as trader, my teams bonus was almost always 90-120% and associate(3-5 yrs) base was 125k-145k usd. Which means TC around 260k usd. And their tax is only15%. So i guess Hk will pay much higher unless US quant get paid more base and bonus as they go up the ladders. Am I right? If so, if i value monetary more, then HK is the right choice?

I did google but could not find this specific questions answers and would be much appreciated if i could get some advice.

Again, thanks for watching my thread..