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Getting into Quant Low GPA

I'm not from a big name school. I'm currently a junior.
Major: Computer Science and Finance
GPA: 3.3/4.0
Internship: Technology Analyst @ JPMorgan (2018), Software Engineer Intern for small company (2017)
Very involved in school: I started a mentoring program on campus, Vice President of Investment club, Vice President of Computer Science and Engineering Student Advisory Board, Vice President of Association of Women in Computing Chapter, volunteer for Girls Who Code

I think I could raise my GPA to 3.4. What are my chances of getting into a MFE program or becoming a quant analyst?
Take a look at the course pre-requisites for some MFE programs (usually on their website). Can you satisfy all of the requirements by the time you graduate?

GPA is low - you want 3.7+ for top programs. It will hurt you.