Good gpa in final year, low overall

Vijeet Prasad

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Hello! I recently graduated from a 5 year course of MBA Tech. It was a combination of B Tech and MBA integrated. My engineering major for the first 3 years was CS, the 4th year was a mix of CS and MBA courses while my Major for the final year was Business Intelligence and Analytics with a minor in Finance. I have managed to do 2 internships in the last 5 years spanning 6 months from startups in Dev Ops and Data Science essentially using Python. My GPA was once at a meagre 2.77 in the 3rd year. This could be attributed to my activity in an NGO for 3 years where I held the position of Vice President. It required me to devote a majority of my time there. On top of that, this was majorly the engineering phase filled with some electronics subjects of high credit which lowered my score.
However, in my 4th year and 5th year, I worked hard and pulled my gpa to a 2.98. Specially in my 5th year where I got a 3.24 and a 3.88 in my last 2 semesters! Throughout the 5 years, I have been able to keep my Maths and programming scores above the 80% mark. I genuinely believe maths and programming are areas I excel in and my grades can support that.

I am presently preparing for my GRE and aiming for a 170 in Q and a 160 in V. I plan on applying to universities at least 2 years from now. I have secured a job in an MNC dealing with insurance software which is NASDAQ listed. In the next two years, I plan on working on research papers given my keen interest in subjects of Maths and Machine Learning.

Will it be unwise to aim for top Universities like CMU and Columbia? Is there any flaw in my plan of action?

Please let me know.
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