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Got into BU MSMF and Cornell MEng (not FE but Applied Operations Research)

As Georgia Tech is a state (public) institution, there is a significant difference in the tuition and fees for residents vs. non-residents of Georgia.
From their website, the current tuition for qualified residents in tine Quantitative and Computational Finance program is $465 per credit, capped at $5,569 for 12 or more credits. For non-residents of Georgia, the corresponding charges are $1,457 per credit, capped at $17,480 for 12 or more credits.


Cornell is unusual in that certain schools within the university are actually "public", which means that they are partially funded by the New York State government, so residents of New York State pay a reduced tuition; other schools are "private", in which all students pay the same tuition, regardless of residency status.
The operations research program falls into the latter category, so there is no discount on tuition by virtue of being a New York resident. Cornell's tuition for the Master of Engineering degree is $20,662.50 per semester, or $61,987.50 for the three semesters of their program. And remember that the final semester is in Manhattan, where the cost of living is likely to be much more than in Ithaca (or, for that matter, Atlanta.)


The tuition at Boston University is comparable to that at Cornell: $19,657 per semester, of which three are required for the degree.


So, if one meets the criteria for being a resident of Georgia, the cost of the program at Georgia Tech looks like quite a bargain.