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Housing in Jersey City, Grove St, Journal Square, New Jersey?

Housing in Jersey City, Grove St, Journal Square, New Jersey

Hey guys,

Not sure if anybody considers Jersey City but it's another location to think about. I'm currently living in Jersey City and I can't complain. The commute to downtown Manhattan is a breeze via the PATH. It takes me around 40-45 mins to get to Baruch (PATH to World Trade Center, then take the 4/5/6, the green, line uptown to 23rd). Once you're at WTC, it's pretty close to Chinatown as well (it's a decent walk but definitely do-able).

You don't even need a car since you can get to Shop Rite by taking the Light Rail ($1.50/ride). The light rail also stops at Newport Mall. If you love night life and hang out late in the City, it might be a bit of a pain since the PATH trains run less frequent at night....but other than that it's pretty good.

I'm not sure what the rental market is like but you can check http://www.jerseycityonline.com and maybe http://newjersey.craigslist.org if you're looking for a roommate.