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How can i learn Statistical Arbitrage (every type)

Hello, i would really really appreciate the guidance, i'm really really interested to learn this, and use it as a trading strategy, because it is one of the best trading strategies. First of all, what kind of math do i need to learn this, could you kindly name all the areas of math i need to learn in an advanced level to learn this, and what areas of computer science do i need to learn also to an advanced level. after all of that, could you kindly list all the academic books or any other publications you know that can guide me the best way step by step to learn all types of statistical Arbitrage to an advanced level.

I would really appreciate it if somebody saves my life here, i'm soooo confused on the internet, i cant find anything that i can seek closure in, theirs soo many things that im just lost, i understand that this is a kinda secretive are, but i'm willing to put in the time and effort to learn it, someone please help, i would deeply appreciate it. And also what kind of computer do i need to perform this, can i do it merely on my mac book pro. Many thanks.

Yours Faithfully