IDE, plugin and programming language

IDE is the thing we use everyday. If you work as a developer....the time you spent with it may be more than the time you spent with you family over the years(which is sad.....)

Here's some of my choice based on my paste couple years of experiences. Super welcome and please share your thoughts, your experiences and preferences in terms of what ever development domain you are at.

When I programming the Excel using VBA, I normally copy paste the thousands lines of code into Notepad++ for a better highlight, keyword selection and collapse feature. After my draft-coding, I will copy it back to VBE, to check for syntax error and compile error. Since I found I don't rely on the VBE's autocomplete ability, this behavior serves me well for almost 5 years.

I have been with .NET for couple years now. Most of the time, I use visual studio with Resharper. It is a perfect combination.

Also I highly recommend the LINQPad. I use it wrote lots of c# snippets, do some quick test of my thoughts, and even built some light program. The magic Dump() extension method built in with LINQPad basically can work on any data type. It can visualize your data in a tabulate format at runtime!
I still remember I have used it quickly build a c# code mimic the Excel Pivot Table functionality.

Also, I have tried the OzCode pluggin, which is a advanced debugging plugin. I like some features of it, like Linq query debug feature, time travel debugging, advanced trace-point and the export object to Excel to visualize at run time. But at the end of the day, I stop spend money on it.

Since I am still a C++ student here, so don't have enough experiences to say what thing gonna really boost your productivity. Visual Studio is still the to go solution to wrote C++. But I found it can be better with Visual Assist. The VA enhances the Visual Studio's autocomplete, navigation ability and equip the vs with better debug features. I don't recommend use use Resharper C++ with visual studio, you VS will be much slower....personal opinion.

Use visual studio code, it is easy to write and build js program like React.js

Some thoughts
During my limited years of career, I have never got a chance to use Mac to do the developement. I heard that hedge fund and high tech company's developers are more using Linux / Mac stuff... which means they may use totally different set of tools, different IDEs (or even no IDE at all Lol) for their everyday work....I am curious about what their life looks like.
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