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List of traders


New Member
Hello friends, I hope you are well.

I'm a part of a startup seeking to service Quant Traders!

We're looking to profile some of the specific needs of our beachhead market, and want to get feedback from Quants themselves. Is there a list out there? Or a resource containing bulk contact information for quants?

Or is out time best spent scraping off LinkedIn or something?

Thank you for your time!


Active Member
So you're looking to be handed a list of potential customers for the purpose of spamming them?

And you don't even have the courtesy of providing a basic and brief description of the service you offer?



New Member
Good point! Encapsulated in a nutshell, we're looking to ease, streamline, and eventually enhance the process of quantitative crypto trading with a suite of tools chiseled by actual traders. My apologies for not being upfront with this. Input is massively important to us. The needs of quants have thus far been our foundation, and we're looking to continue that trend.