LSE Financial mathematics vs EPFL Financial engineering

Matteo Zanardi

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Hi guys!

I want to ask for your advice about those programmes.
I am currently attending the last semester of my bachelor in engineering and I got admitted both to LSE Financial Mathematics and EPFL Financial engineering programmes. I haven't already chosen one because I have some concerns about both:
EPFL) it is a 2 years programme which includes a working experience in the last semester and it is focused on practical aspects rather than theoretical ones. I like that but I don't know if it will be sufficient for getting a quantitative position in finance
LSE) the university has an important name, but it is mainly famous for social sciences and I don't know if it is as good for math. Moreover they offer a one-year master, and as I am still in a bachelor programme I suppose that with only 1 year specialization my overall preparation won't be solid enough

Can anyone solve my doubts? If you have any kind of personal opinion about those universities, I wuold really like to read them
Thank you for your help!


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Hi Matteo,

First of all, it could be useful to think about your future, explicitly where you want to work in your further career, if you want to work in the UK LSE could be a better option. Secondly, in my opinion, both programs give you a solid background regarding quant jobs. Keep in mind that most finance/mathematical finance Master programs are one-year programs in Europe and after finishing one of these programs, I'm quite sure that you will be ready to get a quant job. Moreover, both programs have their own pro and cons, for example, if you want to get more on hands experience in programming applied to finance, EPFL could be a better option, so take a good look at their courses during the Master's degree and compare them. About their reputation, I think, both universities have a great reputation in Europa, so I shouldn't be worried about that part.