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Masters in Financial Mathematics vs Applied Math

For a Quant Researcher, which of the following programs is better as a long term resume signal: Master of Financial Mathematics or Master of Applied & Computational Math?

I don't have a glaring technical signal on my resume (econ undergrad, top social sciences grad school) but through a combination of school courses and some self-teaching, I have most of the skills necessary for quant work and got into a good seat at a great firm. However, I sometimes worry for the future about job security and ease of switching jobs, especially as I compete for more senior positions, or in the event of an economic downturn where competition is likely to be more fierce.

For this reason, I enrolled in a part-time Masters Program at a great school where I have the option of finishing with either a Master of Applied & Computational Math or a Master of Financial Mathematics. Which of these programs, as a resume signal, do you guys believe would be stand me in best stead in the quant world, for the concerns I mentioned above?

Thanks in advance
Both are good, for a quant. Personally I would choose Fin Math. Applied Math is more general, and while providing you with more options, is also more tangential.