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MFE Program Selection and General App Questions


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Hi there, new to QuantNet hoping to get some perspectives

It's a long thread cuz I've been reading and researching, and therefore have a lot of questions. Feel free to answer just one or two if you guys can. I appreciate it! I know y'all pretty busy people.

A little bit about my profile: rising senior at a top 40 Liberal Arts College.
GPA 3.88 cumulative/3.9Business/3.9 math
GRE 164 Verbal / 170 Quantitative / 5 Analytical

1) Based on this rough profile, what are the programs that you guys would recommend as reach and safety programs, other than the programs that I've already decided to apply? (UCB, UCLA, Baruch, Columbia MFE & MSFM, NYU Tandon, Chicago MSFM, CMU, Cornell etc.)

2) Since I switched to math major rather recently (it was biz and IR double with a math minor), I will have quite a lot advanced math classes left to finish in the SECOND semester of my final year: abstract algebra, intro to analysis, differential equations, and cal III. Obviously, grad school admissions won't be able to see the grades for these classes until after graduation if I apply this year, and so I guess I am left with two options, wondering which one you would choose if put in my shoes:

a) Take my chances to apply this year anyways to a selective few and if rejected keep shooting next year when I get the grades and my degree?

b) Don't even bother this year and go all out next year?

Since I will have an extra year to prepare, do you guys think the following exam(s)/certificate are worthy?

3) GRE maths, say I keep up the same major GPA, worth it at all?

4) I only took one C++ intro class tho self-deemed proficient, C++ certificate to show proficiency, worth it? Or proficiency could be stated or substituted in letters of recommendations?
(I really would take another class if my schedule wasn't so darn cramped up already...)

5) CFA L1?

6) Employment wise, PRIOR to applying, what are the areas/industries that are not hard for people with my profile to get into with a B.S. and would potentially help the chances of getting into a good MFE program, since you know, I am gaping a year?

Thank you guys in advance, and I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

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Upstate NY
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