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MFE Students Background


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Hi All,

First of all, great site!
I'm a Chilean economist working in a US investment management company, and I'm thinking to apply to a MFE for the 2009 admission. I was wondering what's the usual background (in terms of working experience and academic background) of people applying (and people that has been accepted) to them? What's the usual profile schools are looking for? My concern is that I don't have the quantitative background needed.

Another thing, any opinions on the London Business School program?




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thanks for the props to our site - we take pride in our growing community.
as far as the students' background goes, i think it would be helpful for you to check out our admission stats page.
i would imagine that the program requirements to and the background of Baruch MFE students are very similar to those of other MFE programs around.
[as you can see, quantitative background is very important ;]

Baruch College's Financial Engineering MS Program
Baruch College's Financial Engineering MS Program


Baruch MFE Director

Thanks for the quick answer. The list of requirements is posted at
Baruch College's Financial Engineering MS Program

Prerequisite Courses. Applicants are required to have taken a minimal set of courses in finance, mathematics, and computer science, before being admitted into the MFE program, as follows:
  • Knowledge of Finance, as demonstrated by one undergraduate class or work experience
  • Calculus (two semesters)
  • Probability (one semester)
  • Linear Algebra (one semester)
  • C++ programming skills at the level of one undergraduate class, or by completing a certificate degree
For a prerequisite to be considered met, the course must have been passed with a grade of B or better.