Model Documentation Role (What is it exactly? and transition to wider quant role in future, can't find info online)

Hey guys , first timer here,I received an 'inmail' on linkedin from a recruiter regarding a role in model documentation team as part of the quantitative modeling and analytics department of a 'global bank'. The exact bank wasn't stated hence couldn't find more info online. I am personally interested in the general quant finance space(quant trading, quant portfolio management, quant analysis).My dilemma is ,could I transition from a model "documenter" to a wider quant role?. I couldn't find any information online regarding this particular job role (actually my first time hearing of it).If anyone knows about this role in general , kindly pass on some info.

A bit of context on my background.Bsc.Actuarial Science,Msc.Mathematical Modelling, Equity research for a year(in Africa,emerging market),
Data science Associate , planning to take CFA and FRM(soon as I can afford it)

Ken Abbott

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Attached are the two best places to start. SR 11-7 defines US regulatory best practice with respect to models. Every US bank has to meet all of the 205 separate requirements specified therein. If you make references to docs being "SR 11-7-compliant," you will sound educated on the topic (provided you give it a thorough review.)

The UK Actuaries paper is the best single doc I've read (and I've read hundreds) on the topics of process and governance..

While I can't cite specific examples, I don't see why you couldn't move around. The quants all know each other and work closely together. I ran model validation at a big shop for a while and the working relationships between quant teams was good.


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Big Banks provide you an opportunity to make a transition after 3-4 years. That again depends on your level of skill sets (For instance if you believe that you are excellent in coding, stochastic calculus, financial maths etc. and are currently stuck in model validation, you can make a case for a transition to Front Office roles).

Again as I said, that too depends on your relationships with several teams, your manager etc.