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MSc Mathematics and Finance Imperial College -- Chances

I am currently in my second year of a three year course. I am studying BSc Mathematics at a top-ranked German university. At the moment I am sitting on a strong upper second. This is my first time using this thread, so I am just going to give it a go. I am thoroughly interested in the MSc Mathematics and Finance that Imperial College offers. I believe that studying at this institution will grant me deep insight into the world of quantitative finance. At this moment, I am studying BSc Mathematics at a reputable university in Germany (top-ranked in the country) and currently have a strong 2:1 (1.8 on a German scale) grade average. Furthermore, I have attended Spring Weeks (London) and Summer Internship (Frankfurt) in the Markets Division of Bulge Bracket Investment Banks. I will soon start research projects in the Mathematics department too. Given that I still have a year before I need to apply, how do my chances stack up at this moment? And what could I do to improve my chances?
Particularly people with experience of the programme, Imperial College or FinMath MSc's in general are welcomed to provide me with greater insight.
I have done my own research but could not come to a conclusive result as to what would be considered a strong candidate, particularly in terms of the grade average. I still have time to push my average to a First Class, but is it still possible with a strong second upper?
Thank you for your help.
I attend Imperial and I would advise getting your grades up. It is a competitive programme who will likely favour students who have first class degrees.