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COMPARE MSMF@Rutgers vs MFM@UMN vs MSCF@Purdue or Waiting QFRM@UMich

MSMF@Rutgers vs MFM@UMN vs MSCF@Purdue or Waiting QFRM@UMich

  • MSMF@Rutgers


  • MSCF@Purdue

  • Waiting QFRM@UMich

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Hi Community,
I have got admits from
1. Rutgers for Master in Mathematical Finance
2. UMN for Master of Financial Mathematics
3. Purdue for M.S. Statistics Degree with Specialization in Computational Finance
and in Waitinglist of Umich for Master of Quantitative Finance and Risk Management
As an international Applicants, I want to find a job in the U.S., especially in NYC, I want to know which program is best for me?
Here is the information I collected:
1. The location is very well.
2. The curriculum is well designed, and I think I could learn a lot from this program.
3. The placement data listed on the official website are good.
1. The rank of Rutgers' MSMF dropped from 12th place in 2012 to 20th this year.
2. I heard that the Career Service there is useless.

1. The Department of Mathematics at the University of Minnesota is very strong, but I don't know if it has any effect on Finmath.
2. UMN has a better world universities rank and reputation than Rutgers.
3. Career service there is better.
1. The location is bad.

the name of the program is M.S. Statistics Degree with Specialization in Computational Finance
1. The reputation of Purdue is very good.
2. could easily turn into Ph.d, but I don't have a strong motivation right now since I don't know the employment situation yet..
1. location is bad.

1. The best school in the group.
1. I have to make a dicision for Rutgers by 4.1, I don't know if I have time to wait the final decision.
Given these pros and cons, I request the community to give some advice, any information or opinion would be greatly appreciated.
I am gonna preempt bidbadwolf and say that UMN is not that good. He seems to have a personal beef with UMN and everytime it shows up he's there to trash it without fail.