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New MFE applicant says hi to everyone

Bastian Gross

German Mathquant
Welcome, Ryan.
Thank you, the same luck for you!

Why are you associated with FE? Study or profession?


Consultant - CRM
Software Consultant to Quant

hi guys,
i am a MFE aspirant for the Fall 2008 session. am an Electrical engineer working in the software industry as an application developer. Looking forward to realising my dream...!!


Hello from Montreal,
I wanted to thank all the quantnet members... the threads are very helpful. The forum helped me a lot when making my school choices.
I applied to the MFE at Baruch this week for Fall 08...hoping to have a positive answer.
I'm actually working in Montreal at CDP Capital ( [SIZE=-1]www.lacaisse.com ) in an Index and Quant team.
Nahed <-- ( for those who are asking themselves Nahed is a girl name );)[/SIZE]