Non-Target School, give me advice

Evan Smith

New Member
Ok, I'm going into my sophomore year of college at Texas Tech (I got basics out of the way at a CC in Highschool, but I'll probably end up at Tech for the four-five years anyway due to the degree plan). I'm doing the Computer Science and Math dual degree plan (two majors in 5 years). I'm really good at math, and I have a big love for business, investing, etc (I handled my stepmom's portfolio for a while and did VERY well cause I knew tech stocks extremely well, and to a lesser extent I could jump on stocks that likely would have positive quarters, claim dividends, and then let them grow for a bit and sell (this only works when the market goes up consistently obvi)). I basically chose Texas Tech over A&M to be with my girlfriend of over one year, but this still puts me at a disadvantage. Besides applying to tech internships in the financial industry in general, applying for quant internships and hoping to get in, and/or getting a Ph.D./Masters, what else could I do? Obviously, I don't wanna transfer out of Tech (this was the best school she got into even though she was straight A's in HS, but she moved and our weighted underclassmen courses out did here unweighted ones (she had no option as an underclassman), I digress), so what should my plan of action be? Or am I stuck in SWE?
P.S. I mean I don't wanna be the boyfriend who says we won't ever break up, if we do within the next two years, I'll probably transfer to UT, TAMU, or like Cali, but I actually see us staying together so hence like help plz.
TLDR: Non-target school, dual CS/Math Major, good with math and like finance, what do?