NYU Math Finance Update

The admissions process for the NYU Courant Math Finance program is still ongoing. Due to the current circumstances, it is taking longer than normal.

If you are facing a deadline from another program, please email Meghana Shahi <meghana.shahi@nyu.edu> with the admissions letter(s) from the other programs, which should state the deadline by which you must respond to them. We will try to respond to such situations as quickly as we can.

If you have any questions about this, please post here or send me a private message.
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Update: We are still in the process of finishing our admissions process. We now expect to finish making admissions decisions by mid-May.

Paul B.Kim

New Member
thanks for your update.
Your posting may be the only source that I can guess what is going on, and hope all situations will get better soon.
While I was waiting, I achieved a few certificates from MITx & edx.org . Can I send it to the admission team in order to enhance the chance to get admitted?

Paul B.Kim

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Hi, I've emailed to Meghana Shahi last week with an additional document, and still waiting for reply.
For this, it will be grateful if you could tell me whether an additional email to other email address is needed or just waiting for final result is necessary at this moment.


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Hi, I submitted my application in February and haven't heard anything back. When will the decisions be released?