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Discussion in 'Quant Programs' started by StayCWaitO, 4/14/18.

  1. StayCWaitO

    StayCWaitO New Member


    Anyone wants to share their perspective on the comparison of these two programs? Especially on what fields most students from these two would get into after graduation respectively?

    For me, it seems CMU has better career service and curriculum plan than NYU (slightly better?), while the only problem for CMU is its kinda online courses (which is not a big issue for many others.).

    Again, any comment would be appreciated!!!
  2. zzwang

    zzwang New Member

    I chose CMU over Columbia MFE, and most people I know chose Columbia over NYU. If the relationship is transitional, then that's your answer. I am pretty sure you can switch from NY to Pitts if video class is an issue because I know a couple people who are trying to switch from Pitts to NY. I haven't heard any current student complaining about the class tho.
    Just my $0.02.
  3. My American Dream

    My American Dream New Member

    I got in NYU, CMU (ny campus if it matters) and Columbia back then and chose NYU. I would rule out columbia first and choose between NYU and CMU. I felt that NYU is slightly more academic rigorous where as CMU is a lot more job-searching oriented.
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