COMPARE NYU Tandon MFE or NYU Courant FINMATH, which one to go

Admitted to both.

Tandon is about 30k cheaper (56k after including scholarship), rapid growth, nice career service, since Director Peter Carr and Placement director Sara Tomeo joined Tandon, the whole program seems much different (in a good way).

Courant, prestigious name, smaller program size (about 40, while Tandon about 110).

In Director (Courant M.S. in the Mathematics in Finance) Petter Kolm's email, he mentioned: "The NYU Courant program is strongly focused on preparing students for entry into front-office positions in the financial industry. " and that "Finally, while we have several people involved in the career services of the program (including myself), I am excited to let you know that this spring we are expanding the career services of the program by hiring a Director of Career Services. This individual will be working on career training and workshops for you, internship and full-time placements, and outreach and networking on the behalf of our program."

So will it be worth it to spend the extra 30k tuition?

No offense to both programs. I love NYU as a whole.

Take care, everyone. Stay healthy and happy ;)
Maybe check out the faculty in each of the programs?

It makes a huge difference.

I agree the choice between the two is less obvious than it once was. . .if you’re thinking buy side, worth noting Petter K came up through the buyside. Not sure how much influence that has had over the program though.

I would more heavily weight expectation of future comp than tuition fwiw. Name, network, career services matters a lot for your first gig. NYU Courant definitely has the daaaaaaamn factor. But that stuff does change over time.