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COMPARE NYU Tandon MFE vs UChicago MSFM as of 2021

NYU Tandon MFE vs UChicago MSFM?

  • NYU Tandon MFE

    Votes: 19 37.3%
  • UChicago MSFM

    Votes: 32 62.7%

  • Total voters
Hi guys,
So I'm recently admitted to both program and in the process of deciding which one to attend. I would greatly appreciate if you can share your opinion on the choices between these 2 programs. I read basically everything I can find on this forum for these 2 schools but I think a direct comparison is still valuable. Both are great programs for me since I'm an international student going straight from an undergrad at a mid-tier US university with a background in Economics and Analytics and no relevant experience. UChicago will cost me an extra of more than $30k but it's affordable as long as it is of good value. Right now I'm leaning toward NYU Tandon. I'm looking forward to hearing your opinions. This is my first time posting here so please pardon me if I got anything wrong. Please be respectful towards them both.
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Thank you so much for the votes guys but can you please explain why the majority vote for UChicago despite higher tuition and basically the same ranking? Thank you in advance.
Congrats! May I ask when did you submit your NYU Tandon MSFE application? Is that the 2021-2-15 round or the earlier one? Thanks!