Part-time masters in financial mathematics in London


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Hello, I just wanted to ask if any company would allow the new hired trader to do part-time masters in London. I'm a freshman at semi-target and transferring to super-non-target. Nonetheless, I already secured an SWE internship at tier-1 company think Two Sigma/Citadel/DRW. My plan is to get a new grad trader position at some top prop trading company or hedge fund in London and then start a part-time master's program after 1 year of working. Again, I'm going to semi-target and probably would have to transfer to super-non-target for family reasons next year so I thought maybe I can salvage the situation by getting master's in Financial Mathematics/Statistics from target/semi-target school like UCL or Imperial. Also, how hard it would be to transfer from the London office to some US location like Chicago/NYC.
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