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Portfolio Operations


Active Member
I would like to know any concepts you think are important or recources I could consult for an operational position. I dont have too much experience in support.

Some of the listed responsibilities are

reconciliation of portfolio positions

Reconciliation of Investor Subscription/Redemption activity to Investor Relations team

Trade Execution of investments

mid month and month end performance

accuracy of database covering underlying manager's strategy exposures, track records, l
iquidity terms

portfolio attribution analysis, strategy/style analysis,

Monitor PM allocations to ensure compliance with internal risk guidelines

Anything you think an applicant should know about these topics would be greatly appreciated. Also if there are specific texts you think I should review that would be great also.

Finally with relation to the database component, I have done sql coding and monitored databases. Is this the type of thing they are reffereing to? Thanks in advance.

Andy Nguyen

This is a mid/back office job type, I believe.
You most likely will spend lot of time with Excel, Access and their internal system.
As far as database go, I don't think you will be able to do any sql coding. More likely, you will access the trader's curves via their internal website, verify that the numbers match across the books, check external websites for their data as well.

As for book, go to this link https://www.quantnet.com/threads/ma...uants-mfe-financial-engineering-students.535/ and look for "Complete guide to capital markets for quantitative professionals". It's a good book to show you various internal system at banks.