Princeton MFin interviews 2019 Fall


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Thank you for your reply! According to what Wendell said during the interview, it seems like there is gonna be a second one with alumni if they can make it. So I am wondering whether someone has received the invite for the second interview since it's been a while...
I interviewed this week and she didn’t mention alumni meeting with me. She told me that they still got interviews to do in February, so it’s a maybe I guess.


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No, but if interviews are till the 15th it should be after then. I heard they may not enough time to do it this year.
I saw somewhere else that in one year the alumni round invitation was sent out before the person conducted the 1st round interview. So this year Princeton is really running behind on the 2nd round. And I truly believe that you get round 2 if there's alumni availability in your region and time permits. Getting/not getting 2nd interview isn't an indicator of your performance in the 1st.