Profile Evaluation for MFE 2022

Hello everyone!

Could you please help me evaluate my profile and let me know if the way I classified my unis is appropriate?

1) Dual degree in Economics and Computer Science at BITS Pilani. (Overall GPA: 8.31/10 so far. Expected Graduation: 2022) (Did kinda relevant coursework in finance and data science.)
2) Internships: 1 summer internship as a Machine Learning Intern and currently working as a Quant Research intern in BB (will intern here for a year till Aug 22).
3) Publications: None, worked on research projects in the quant finance field before but haven't published.
4) GRE- 168 Q, 154 V, 4 AWA (should I retake this?)
5) Good programming skills in C, C++, Java and Python.

Ambitious Targets:
2) Columbia
3) Cornell
5) MIT Sloan MFin

1) NYU Tandon
2) Boston University
3) UChicago
4) GaTech (Will apply in the second round.)

(Can someone help me better classify the unis in the mod-safe category as moderate and safe as well? Let me know if I should push them to ambitious too. Thanks.)
Okay, enough of these posts. I was waiting for a while before posting such an answer but you guys need to stop with this. There have been several similar posts in the last month and all it takes is to go through them to find the answers to all your questions. Everything from college choices to GRE scores has been discussed, please do some research before posting redundant questions. Also,take a look at the trackers to get a better idea of CGPA + GRE requirement. If you have anything specific about your profile to ask , I'd be happy to help
Some programs like Princeton MFin and NYU Courant MSMF have resume books that are publicly available. Those resume books should give you some idea of where you stand. LinkedIn would also be helpful for programs that don't share resume books.

Also, if I could give one piece of advice, that would be to put sufficient focus on your personal statement. For example, a shitty personal statement + strong profile could lead to rejection whereas a beautifully written personal statement (to the eyes of adcom) + above average profile could lead to acceptance.
Seems like a very strong profile! You can even look at applying next year if you manage to get a full time offer from your bank. This will also give you time to write the GRE again and possibly improve your grades as well. These 3 things will give a huge boost to your profile!