Profile Evaluation for MFE/MSF

Hi All,

I am considering MSF/MFE in US or UK. Here is my brief profile:

Indian, Male, 28
GRE Score: 170 Quant, 160 Verbal, 3.5 AWA

Undergrad (Engineering - 4 years):
- B. Tech. in Information Technology (similar to Computer Science) from College of Engineering, Pune (below IITs but in top 20-25 engineering colleges in India)
- 8.46/10 CGPA
- Had four math courses (Math-I, Math-II, Math-III, Math-IV): 10/10, 8/10, 8/10, 6/10 in the four courses
- Programming courses (C, C++, Unix programming, SQL, Matlab): 8/9/10 on all courses
- Final year project: Digital Watermarking using face recognition (in Matlab)

Post-grad (MBA - 2 years):
- MBA from Indian Institute of Management (IIM)
- CGPA 3.13/4.33
- Subjects: Quantitative Techniques I, Quantitative Techniques II, Quantitative Techniques III (3.2/4.33, 4.13/4.33, 3.3/4.33), Finance I (3.2/4.33), Finance II (2.9/4.33)

Relevant work-experience:
2.4 years post-MBA as Analyst in Credit risk function in one of the reputed US MNC Investment Banks (in India)

Other details:
- CFA L1 cleared
- Secretary of one of the committees in IIM, responsible for interfacing with the industry
- Head of the department magazine group in under-grad
- Selected for 2nd round of Astronomy Olympiad in India

I am considering following colleges:
MFE/MSF US/Canada:
Baruch College
University of California, Berkele
Carnegie Mellon University (Computational Finance)
New York University, Math Fin,
Columbia, FE,
Princeton University, MS Fin
Cornell University, MEng, FE concentration
Columbia University, MathFin
University of Chicago, Financial Mathematics
Georgia Institute of Technology, Quantitative and Computational Finance
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Master of Finance
University of Washington, Computational Finance & Risk Management
University of Toronto, Mathematical Finance
NYU Tandon School of Engineering, Financial Engineering
University of California, Los Angeles, Financial Engineering
Boston University, Mathematical Finance
University of Waterloo, Quantitative Finance
North Carolina State University, Financial Mathematics

London Business School Masters in Finance
University of Cambridge: Judge Cambridge Master of Finance
University of Oxford: Saïd MSc Financial Economics

1. Out of the above mentioned colleges, where do I have a better chance - Ambitious, Moderate, Possible?
2. How are the two universities in Canada (University of Toronto, University of Waterloo) compared to universities in US/UK ?
4. Any other colleges/courses I should consider given my profile?

Thanks in Advance!