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Profile Evaluation for MSFE (Fall '24)

Hi everyone!

I have done my undergrad in Civil Engineering at NIT (India), a tier 1 college in India. Also, I have done my MBA in Finance from a Tier 2 college in India. My GPA is 7.3/10 in undergrad and 5.2/8 in MBA. I have cleared both levels of FRM along with all levels of CFA. I have nearly two years of work ex at Hedge fund in a treasury role. I am interested in pursuing MFE and would like to have some insights on how to strengthen my profile for top MFE programs. I will be taking the GMAT in October and expect to score above at least 325+ as per my preparation and mock scores.

I'd like to seek some advice about these:
  1. How does my profile suit top MFE programs like Baruch, UCB, Princeton, Columbia etc.
  2. Also, I'm planning to take pre MFE program from Baruch to gain the right knowledge and brush up on my concepts, Would it help in eligibility or selection?
  3. Are there any specific skills, scores, or knowledge areas that appear weak on my profile for the MFE admissions committees that I should focus on developing?
I would greatly appreciate any advice, suggestions, or personal experiences you can share. Thank you in advance for your time and support!

Looking forward to hearing your insights and recommendations.

Hi Everyone,

Could someone please help me out with the evaluation. This will help me to gauge and work upon my profile better.

Do you have the basic prerequisites done? (multivariate calculus, linear algebra, probability, diff equations, programming, etc.)