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Profile Evaluation - TIA!


I am looking to pursue an MSFE / MFin from a top ranked US school. While I'm planning to apply for the Fall'24 session, I am also open to applying for Fall'25, if I can build my profile in the next few months, to better my chances of admit.

About Me
I have completed my UG/PG in Physics from an IIT (Tier-1 in India), with a CGPA of 8.4/10. I also have a published and a conference paper hovering around computational physics and machine learning respectively. I additionally have 3 years of work experience in one of the largest financial services companies in the world, working an an analyst covering Asia and US macroeconomics, with deep time-series modelling and research experience.

I plan to appear for the GRE in October, and am aiming for a 330+ score.

I would appreciate some advice, regarding the below points -

1. While I fell that my overall CGPA is good, my grades in mathematics are average at best. Is there a way I can rectify this? Would giving a Subject GRE in Maths help?. any other suggestions?
2. Would giving CFA (Level 1 and possibly Level 2) through next year, help build my profile?
3. Does my profile seem good enough to apply this year, or should I wait, and take some steps to better my profile, (and what can those steps be), to have a better shot next year.

Really appreciate your time and thanks in advance!