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Hi All,

It will be really helpful if you guys can help me whether I can get into any tier 1 school's MFin course and if yes, which ones--
Here is my profile --

GRE score- 318, 167(Q),151(V),4.5(AWA)

Undergraduate CGPA- 7.65/10

Professional Experience -- 1.5 yrs now, working as a senior business analyst

-A member of the Web Analytics team for a major European travel website
o Designed an property listing algorithm, enabling them to analyze customer behavior
o Analyzing and monitoring several aspects of that website through Adobe Site Catalyst
o Prepared customer list for email targeting based campaign through Abandoned Cart Analysis
o Constructed several automated reportson SAS and MS Access for better site monitoring
o Recommended the underperforming parts in their keywords bidding portfolio as a part of Cost Analysis for their Multi Brand marketing strategy, cutting down the cost by 50%
o Deep diving into several qualitative aspects of the Properties(Rating, Popularity) to find the nature of causal association with their quantitative aspects(Conversion, Click)
o Analyzed consumer behavior for properties listed in a popular travel website with one or multiple vendor websites and recommended future strategy
o Implemented weekly feed for the client in another third party website with business decisions taken and helped improving their Gross margin in the magnitude of €1,000 per week

-Determined an algorithm for a South American travel website, enabling maximum ROI (Return of Investment) with a fixed set of key words and ad-positions, and implementing the algorithm via JAVA with proper automation.

-Generated reports and insights through VBA and R for an US based video analytics company in retail domain.

-Created a POV on optimal product storage strategy for the third highest consumer goods company.

-Leading the BIG DATA(PIG & PYTHON) analytics team for a FORTUNE 500 Insurance company
o Helped in several ad hoc analyses like Frequency Distribution, Correlation analysis pertaining to the data to provide comprehensive and insightful recommendation
o Built one linear multivariate regression model to provide Customer score, first of its kind in the organization
o Used Sentiment analysis to locate positive keywords based on Net Promoter Score in their website
o Built one real time tool using Web Harvesting, Topic Modeling

-Determined the factors behind the sales of a product, its magnitude for one of the top retail chains in the US, a top FORTUNE 500 company.

-A member of the Business Intelligence team for a major European telecom company (FORTUNE 500 client with revenues exceeding €62 billion) and

Undergrad Research Experience--
Research Projects:

v Indian Statistical Institute, 2012: Developed and implemented a scheme for image enhancement for graylevel image using weighted Hilbert Transform.
o Title: Weighted Hilbert Transform for Graylevel Image Enhancement (will be submitted soon)

v Jadavpur University, 2012: Implementation of GPS System in MATLAB taken as final year undergraduate project and thesis.

v Jadavpur University, 2011: Developed a hyperspectral image classification scheme using support vector machines (SVM) with spectrally weighted kernels estimated with the help of Bacterial Foraging Algorithm(BFO) and then comparing the merit of the scheme against kernels estimated using PSO,GA etc. popular optimisation method.
o Paper: Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research (published 2012)

Jadavpur University, 2010: Studied and compared the performance of several lighting device and developed their simulated models in DIALux under School of Illumination Engineering.

Thanks & Regards


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Hey guys, I know the profile is not terse...but I thought of giving every minute details from my resume, to get the best of the suggestions. It will be really helpful if you guys can suggest me something regarding the applications