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Profile Review / Areas of improvement

Hi everyone, I am a current student with a strong aspiration to join a top MFE program for fall 2024 (or spring 2025 for UCB) in order to fulfill my dream of becoming the best quant I can be. Below is an overview of my profile and plan before applying. Considering these elements, I would be immensely grateful if you could provide me with an assessment of my realistic chances of being admitted to the programs that I have listed at the end. Additionally, any advice or areas of improvement you can suggest would be extremely invaluable to me. Thank you in advance to those that would take the time to help

Quick Introduction
I am an international student-athlete pursuing a BS in Mathematical Science with minors in Data Science and Business Administration in an American private non-target school. I will be graduating in May 2024 and currently hold a 3.98 GPA

Relevant Coursework
  • Calculus I, II, and III
  • Applied Linear Algebra, Introduction to Abstract Algebra
  • Probability I, and II
  • Theory of Interest, Financial Mathematics
  • Mathematical Statistics
  • Optimization
  • Applied Differential Equations
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Number theory with Applications
(I obtained an A in all MATH classes that I have taken so far)

Data Science:
  • Math Modeling in Excel: A-
  • Introduction to R: A
  • Introduction to SQL: A
Work Experience
  • Worked for 2 consecutive summers as a finance intern at BPCE (top 3 French banks and top 20 worldwide)
  • Currently working as an actuarial intern in a Fortune 25 company and have received an extension offer for the school year
    • (I have accepted the job offer back in November before deciding to switch career from actuary to quant, and will accept the extension offer to keep improving my technical skills and saving money for the high cost of masters)
Additional Examinations
  • SOA exam FM (Financial Mathematics)
  • SOA exam P (Probability)
Other Activities
  • Captain of Men’s tennis team (NCAA DII)
  • Treasurer of Actuarial Science Club
Plan for the upcoming school year (with estimated dates of completion)
  • GRE test (October 2023)
  • Online Courses : C++ Programming for Financial Engineering by Baruch and QuantNet, Practical Python with applications in Finance by Baruch (January 2024)
  • CFA level 1 (May 2024)
Schools Targeted
Here is the list of schools that I plan on applying to:
  • Baruch MFE
  • Princeton MFin
  • Berkeley MFE
  • Stanford MCF
  • Columbia MathFin / MFE
  • MIT MFin
  • Cornell CFEM
What would be my realistic chances to get accepted in these programs ? Please feel free to make any comment/suggestion that might help maximizing my chances.

Thank you so much for your time and precious help
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you're fine just make sure you have recommendation letters