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Python dev job, associate level, strong compensation

I know this isn't the "official" place for job postings, but this area gets more eyes, I think, and I've seen a fair amount of intelligent inquiry here, suggestive of the type my team needs now.

We need someone smart and personable. Can handle doing multiple things without constant direction. Well, everyone probably thinks they can do this, and in reality few can do half as well as they think. So let's move on to the concrete stuff.

You must know Python well. We're all smart people too, and we've read the same 10-minutes-to-Python-mastery articles, I'm sure. We need a real expert or semi-expert. Some bank experience would be good, but we want solid software development skills, including the ability to engage with users and hammer out requirements.

Ideally you'd have a strong academic background, perhaps a PhD in a hard or quantitative science.

Personality is very important. We need someone we can joke around with during late hours, and someone that can get high levels of cooperation from other teams, as we interact and rely quite a bit on diverse lines of business.

The job itself is a "rapid application development" type environment. We build out tools for people doing regulatory capital calculations. The firm is well-known on the Street for treating its employees well, and the atmosphere is collegial and stimulating.

If you're interested, ping me with a short description of yourself and your email, and we'll take it from there.
that personality thing is extremely important. i know an analyst at my place resigned 1 month into the job. learnt he didn't get along with his boss but his boss begged him to stay when he decided to quit. rite now im little frustrated that the new phd recently hired under me takes things too seriously and never gets my joke.