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Quant cafe

On Ealing Broadway in West London (about 3 miles from where I live), there's a "Finance Cafe." It's a regular coffee shop -- but in addition you can get a mortgage, buy insurance, and change currencies. I use it because it has the best buy-sell spread for currency trades I've seen so far. It's an interesting concept. Today I read that someone has set up a "Legal Cafe" in Chicago. It strikes me that the provision of professional services in the relaxed and casual atmosphere of a coffee shop is a pretty good idea (as long as one isn't obsessed with instant wealth). Could a "Quant Cafe" make any sort of sense? It looks like a really neat idea.
Interesting, but I don't see the consumer demand for quantitative analysis type services that makes the concept applicable. I think it's only feasible if the work is for retail consumers; professional services for individuals such as legal, financial products, medical, dental, counseling, who knows. The type of business where the environment and convenience may be a leg up in a competitive market, where participants may be homogeneous to some degree on the execution of services.

I don't think there's a market for individual quant services, merely because no one knows what you do, or know enough to want that type of analysis, or how it could be of benefit to them.