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Quant Careers - Practical, Detailed Guide

I am looking for a practical guide to quant careers. I've read everything on the QuantNet "Career Guides" Reading list, but still need a better picture of the career as a whole. Josh's guide was helpful, but I need more practical detail. I need a straightforward, practical and unvarnished account of what life as a quant is like. Things like: what does a quant *really* do all day long? differences between front office/middle office/back office? where do you end up in your career after 10 or 15 years? how long does a typical quant career last? what type of person succeeds as a quant, and why?
Thank you
Thanks, Andy. I'll check it out. I also appreciate the "A day in the life of [fill in the blank quant]" series here on QuantNet. Please keep them coming.