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Quant Resume - Feedback

Hi All,

I'm interested in looking for a more quant-oriented role in the investment/trading/asset management space (Not trying to be picky :)). Currently work in a commercial bank and am interested in a career change.

Usually, I don't like including Summary on resume, but felt I would need one due to my work experience which has mainly been in Credit Risk for Banking. One worry I have is being pigeonholed to these types of roles.

Would appreciate any feedback or advice on a skill/project I could work on to enhance it.


  • QuantNet_Resume_Sample.pdf
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Thoughts at random: There are a few things you can do with how you label each section that will improve this. Skills should be grouped further - programming versus platforms, frameworks, and "canned" software. Maybe go for two pages, and changed how each work exp is detailed. Do you have a Git, and does that Git have readme's in every folder? It can be a great additional link to put at the top IF the Git is well-organized and well-documented/described.