Quant Straight Out of Undergraduate


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I am starting my undergraduate degree in CS and Math tomorrow, and my intention is to become a quant straight out of ug. I've wanted to be a quant since middle school and since then I have worked on my own trading systems, studied machine learning, read all the latest quant research, worked with startups, gave lectures on this material, worked as a developer, etc...
If upon graduating I have produced research in the field, have a strong grasp of machine learning (+ Math, Stats, Stochastic Calculus etc...), and good grades in college is it possible that I can get a good job as a quant working on automated trading systems without any PHD or Masters? I appreciate any career advice here.

Gavin L

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It is possible. In a smaller job market (Canada vs USA/UK), some smaller firms will often hire straight out of UG. But the people I've met that are quants at these mid-sized firms are in the top 0.5-1% of their cohorts...

Yike Lu

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Yes it's possible. UofT is a disadvantage relative to the Ivys, as many firms simplify by hiring exclusively from top schools, but not insurmountable.