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quant trading career advice

I was graduated from one of the top schools with MS in Numerical Math, during my masters I worked on developing a library of numerical methods, mostly dealing with PDEs (c/c++ and fortran). I have good knowledge of statistical analysis, worked with time series (mostly weather forecasting models). I was part-time developer of corporate software (databases/erp-systems) and eventually worked as a system integrator for a big multinational corporation(). After the graduation I tried to land a job in finance but without much success – it was 2007, investment banks only started opening offices here in Moscow, I got a couple of interviews with major IB but they didn’t hire anyone (well maybe they did but that’s what I heard). Now I want to give it a 2<sup>nd</sup> shot. As I have more financial freedom now, I’ll gladly accept even unpaid internship to make transition smoother. My ideal position would be in quant trading but here in Moscow we don’t have hedge funds, presence of IBs is very limited and the whole finance industry is not very well developed (no entry-level positions). I believe I can get work permit in UK (I can score enough to qualify for the point-based immigration program), so can I realistically expect to get a job?
My strongest skill is Math, so maybe I shall try applying for quant developers positions?i’ve read a couple of books – Mark Joshis’ books, Wilmott on Quant Finance, Hull’s Derivatives, Fabozzi’s Fixed income so I’m familiar with the subject. As I said unpaid internships are also perfectly fine with me. Or shall I take a chance on prop trading?? I’m still quite young - 24 years old
I'm sure there are companies that will want to hire someone of your qualification here. Come to the US of A. It will provide the riches plus codes that could be used to "manipulate markets in unfair ways".

Just kidding. Your background is solid. It looks good. I'm sure you'll find a job.