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Quantconferences introduction

Discussion in 'Events' started by radvan, 3/2/16.

  1. radvan

    radvan New Member


    We have launched a new portal Quantconferences.com - a brand new directory for quantitative finance and algorithmic trading conferences. It contains links to majority of quant finance events in one place. Portal offers opportunity to search a detailed list of events:


    or screen our database for keynote speakers to see which conferences they will attend:

    quantconferences (Emanuel Derman as an example)

    You are most welcome to visit our website. Let me know if you are missing any event in our list, we will add it there.

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  2. MartinOvie

    MartinOvie Member
      C++ Certified

    Very nice! Just checked it out. Very well done. Thanks @radvan /Radovan :).

    Ps. Not sure if this is an option at all, but it would be wonderful to be able to subscribe to the calendar (through iCal/whatnot).
  3. Mensa

    Mensa Member

  4. radvan

    radvan New Member

    MartinOvie @ Mensa - Thanks for kind words, We really appreciate it. We plan to add iCal support in the future.
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