Quantpedia - the Encyclopedia of Quantitative Trading Strategies

Hello, I think this is an appropriate place to introduce ourselves as I hope our company Quantpedia.com can be useful for you.

We are quantitative trading research startup with a goal of continually building database of quantitative trading strategies derived out of the academic research papers. We read a lot of papers (from research portals, financial journals, universities etc.), select the best and extract trading rules in plain language, performance and risk characteristics and various descriptive characteristics (the instruments used for trading, markets traded, backtest period length etc.). Users can screen categorized strategies, examine related strategies or review visualized comparisons.

A lot of the strategies (and related papers) are readable for free, some of the higher performing or more unique strategies are accessible after subscription.

We have also added subpages for a comprehensive lists of software for backtesting/optimalization and historical data:


Let me know it you have any suggestions for improvement ...