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Question about international applicant


Dear all,
Happy new year!!!
I am a 2007 applicant.
Do I need to submit TOEFL score even if I get a B.S degree in a U.S university? ( I have attended the college for 4 semesters and have one more semester left )

Thank you.

Andy Nguyen

Hi Shimba,
Happy New Year to you too.
If you will receive a BS degree from any US or Canada University/College by the time you apply to Baruch MFE program, you don't have to submit TOEFL score. You, however, need to submit the GRE general. If the GRE verbal is strong, problem solved. If the verbal section score is not competitive from your point of view, you can take the TOEFL and a high TOEFL score will upset the low GRE verbal.
Should you have any follow up questions, be sure to post here. We look forward to seeing you join us.
A short intro of your background would help with further inquiries.
Best of luck,

Uncle Max

Well-Known Member
I believe the rules say that you don't need to take TOEFL if your undergraduate degree is from the english-speaking country. You might want to double check this with Cathy.

Good luck!

Andy Nguyen

MFE FAQ is posted here because of someone like me..:)
No, it's not. ;) The MFE FAQ is a work in progress we started a while ago somewhere else but I thought we would move it here and add As as we encounter Qs. Its usefulness can only be improved by having more and more people asking questions so feel free to ask away. \\:D/
Hopefully, by the end of the 2007 admission season, we have a comprehensive FAQ to put up on Baruch website.