Questions about the duration and quiz of the course

Hello, I have 3 questions about the course:

1. The duration of the course is 16 weeks, I'd like to ask if I finish all the levels, say, in 12weeks, can I take the final exam in, for example, the 13th week? I mean can I finish the whole course and take the exam in less than 16 weeks?
2. Do the quizzes after each level have time limits? I mean do I have to finish each of them in, for example, 10 minutes?
3. I see that the grading of the course only contains homework and final exam. So the scores of quizzes are not included and quizzes are just for entering the next level, am I right?

Thanks a lot!!!
1) Yes, many students have completed in less than 16 weeks.
2) There are time limits, but you have unlimited tries.
3) Correct