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Securing a FT Offer from a Summer Internship

I have found this video
to be a great starting point for thinking about what I can do this summer to maximize my chances of receiving a full-time offer come late August. My main takeaways from Mark's video are to: (i) do everything handed to you flawlessly; (ii) do not get carried away with what extra work you could do that you think would be impressive, focus on (i); (iii) be as helpful to other interns as you can without violating (i); (iv) solicit feedback from immediate supervisors on what star interns have done historically that made them so valuable.

I am curious to hear what some seasoned users here did during their summer positions which they feel contributed to them receiving a return offer.
i don't have first-hand experience yet, but a lot of people have been telling me point (ii) is super important